Thursday, November 6, 2014

Vijaya bank PO exam model solved paper part 4

26. As per the news appeared in some major newspapers India in number two in getting ‘PE’. What is the full form of ‘PE’?
    1.       Proffesional and Eco-friendly
    2.       Profitable Equity
    3.       Profitable and economical
    4.       Private Equity

27. Many a times we read in newspapers about ‘Financial Inclusion’. What does is really mean?
[Pick a correct statements]
    1.       Allow the merge and acquisition of banks so that only few big banks exist and continue to cater to the need of corporate sector.
    2.       Extending the network of banks in such a way that people from lower strategy for society also get the benefit of the service provided by banks.
    3.       Providing insurance cover to each and every citizen so that he/she can live a healthy and long life.

28. Which of the following organisation recently issued some guidelines related to ‘Participatory Notes’ as used in finantial world?
    1.       RBI
    2.       IRDA
    3.       SEBI
    4.       AMFI
    5.       None of these

29. Heavy water is normally  used by which of the following industries?
    1.       Nuclear Power Generation Plants
    2.       Pharma Industry
    3.       Paper Industry
    4.       Sugar plants
    5.       None of these

30. As per news items published in various newspapers, italy has offered it’s help in developing ‘SMEs’ in India . What is the full form of ‘SME’?
    1.       Small and  Monopolystic Economy
    2.       Small and Medium Enterprizes
    3.       Speedy and Mechanical
    4.       Small and Medium level Economy
    5.       None of these

31. Which is the following statements about the ‘exports’ from india is true?
    1.       Exports are showed good rate of growth.
    2.       Exports are growing in volume but still they are poorer than imports in terms of value.
    3.       Exports are not improving the way they were growing two years back.

32. Which of the following countries for the first time elected a lady it’s president recently?
    1.       Argentina
    2.       China
    3.       New Zealand
    4.       Russia
    5.       None of these

33. The government of india keeps on clearing the proposal of setting up new SEZs at several places. What does the letters ‘S’ represent in the ‘SEZ’?
    1.       Soft
    2.       Small
    3.       Special
    4.       Supportive
    5.       None of these

34. Which amongst the following is NOT a foodgrain?
    1.       Wheat
    2.       Rice
    3.       Maize
    4.       Jowar
    5.       Cotton

35. Who amongst the following was made the chairman of the National Lands Reforms Council?
    1.       Smj. Sonia Gandhi
    2.       Arjun Singh
    3.       Pranab Mukherjee
    4.       Kamal Nath
    5.       Manmohan Singh
26. (5)
27. (4)
28. (3)
29. (1)
30. (2)
31. (4)
32. (1)
33. (3)
34. (5)
35. (5)

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