Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vijaya bank PO exam model solved paper part 6

46. Your friend gets Rs. 10000 from his grant parents. He/she wants to invest this amount  in a bank in such a way that he/she need not withdraw the amount partly of wholly for two years. What kind of account should he/she open in a bank?

    1.       Small savings account
    2.       Current account
    3.       Term deposit account
    4.       Demae account
    5.       None of these

47. ‘ASEAN’ recently in news in a union of
    1.       Commonwealth Nations
    2.       Saarc Nations
    3.       South East Asian nations
    4.       Oil Exporting countries
    5.       African nations

48. We often see the names of two personalities in newspapers/magazines/Electronic media. These names are Dr.C.Rangarajan and Dr.Bimal Jalan. In their lives, one thing is common. That is
    1.       Both are the chief economic advicer to prime minister of India.
    2.       Both are members of parliament
    3.       Both are former Governors of RBI.
    4.       Both were finance ministers of india.
    5.       There is nothing common in both.

49. Which of the following places in West Bengal was in the news in 2007 where violent incidents took place while acquiring  land for industrial objectives?
    1.       Kharagpur
    2.       Nandigram
    3.       Howrah
    4.       Bolpur
    5.       None of these

50. Accordings to the reports published in newspapers/magazines, Government of India and some NGOs have announced/started many schemes to provide help/relief to farmers in particular. Which of the following cannot be consdered such a scheme?
    1.       Crop Insurance scheme
    2.       E-Chaupal
    3.       Subsidy for chemical fertilisers
    4.       Renovation of watershed/waterbodies
    5.       Midday Meal Scheme
46. (3)

47. (3)
48. (3)
49. (2)
50. (5)

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