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Bank of Maharastra PO exam solved paper 1

1. The chairman of the bank of  maharastra in one of his interviews to the press had said that Bank’s ability to raise low cost CASA Deposits is likely to grow further. What is the full form of ‘CASA’?

1.       Credit Account And Service Account.
2.       Current Account And Savings Account.
3.       Commercial Account And Social Account.
4.       Core Account And Small Account.
5.       None of these

2. The Central Government’s holding in bank of maharastra as present is about
1.       49%
2.       55%
3.       59%
4.       67%
5.       77%

3. Which of the following banks raised about Rs.200 crores Tier II capital and another Rs.225 through perpetual bonds a few months a back?
1.       ICICI Bank
2.       IDBI Bank
3.       Bank of india
4.       Bank of Maharastra
5.       Bank of rajastan

4. Many a time we come across a term in banking sector retail Banking.  What does mean it really mean? In simple words Retail banking is to providing Banking services
1.       Entirly to Agricultural sector only.
2.       Only to individual customers in an integrated manner
3.       Only ti ‘s’elf Help Groups’ for their survivals
4.       Only to big corporates and business houses
5.       None of these

5. Many a time we read in Newspapers about ‘Know your customers’ normal to be followed by the banks. Why so much emphases is paid on KYC norms? (Pick up a correct statement)
1.       It is a measure to provide quick and prompt service to a customers
2.       The purpose of this is to bring more and more people in Income tax Network
3.       It is basically an ‘Anti Money Laundering’ exercise.
4.       It is an activity which allows banks to protect the identidy of it’s high worth customers so that other banks which are their competitors , cannot approach them.
5.       None of these

6. After the first quarterly review of the first monitary policy of the year 2007-08 the RBI made an increase of 50 basis point which of the following beginning from 4th Aug, 2007?
1.       SLR
2.       Repo rate
3.       Reserve repo rate
4.       Cash reserve reserve ratio
5.       Bank rate

7. The Government of India is planning to review which of the following types of banks by influsing fresh capital? (A good number of these banks are having a negative net worth and need recapabilisation).
1.       Public Sector Banks
2.       Private Sector Banks
3.       Regional Rural Banks
4.       Developmental Institutes who have converted themselves into Banks
5.       None of these

8. The Finance minister recently launched country’s 1st ‘Housing prize index’ with the intention of track the movement of residential property prices in major/big cities. The index prepared by
1.       Confenderation of indian ondustries (CII)
2.       National Bank of Agricultural & Rural Development
3.       LIC Housing finance Company Ltd.
4.       National Housing Bank
5.       None of these

9. Which of the following types of banks/organisations are now allowed to accept Foreign Currency Deposits NRI and Persons of indian origin?
1.       Post offices
2.       Nationalised Banks
3.       Regional Rural Banks
4.       Non-Banking Finance companies
5.       Co-Operative Credit Societies

10. The RBI has decided to lend about US $ 5 billion to the Government of india for development of infrastructure in the country. How much return the Government will give to RBI TO lending.
1.       1%
2.       1.5%
3.       2%
4.       3%
5.       3.5%

1. (2)
2. (1)
3. (3)
4. (2)
5. (3)
6. (4)
7. (3)
8. (4)
9. (1)

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