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TNPSC Computer Question and Answer

TNPSC Computer Question and Answer

1. Software that is stored in ROM is often called _____ ware because it is notionally more Ike hardware than software. 
(1) Hard 
(2) Firm
(3) Instant
(4) Quick 

2. _____ memory blurs the distinction between ROM and RAM by retaining data when turned off but being re-writable like RAM. 
(1)  Instant
(2)  Vanish
(3)  Flash
(4)  Quick 

3.  Input/output(IO)  is the means by which a computer receives information from the outside world and sends results back.  Devices that provide input or output to the computer are called
(1)  Providers 
(2)  Solutions
(3)  Helping hands
(4)  Peripherals 

4.  A command to tum on asynchronous email notification on UNIX systems which was actually named after a dog at U.C.  Berkeley,  who would bark when mail was delivered,  is
(1) Biff 
(2) Woof 
(3) Hark
(4) Bark

TNPSC Computer Question and Answer 

Answer : 
1.   (2)
2.   (3)
3.   (4)
4.   (1)

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